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Snow in April


When we speak of prophecy we very often think of a statement concerning the future. In my last post I have been dealing with an example from everyday life. Many people are interested in learning something about what is ahead of them when watching the weather report.

Stockholders also are very keen on reliable analyses and prognoses. They buy a share for a certain amount of money. Yet the value of this may change rapidly. They can either make great gain or loss.

You have to spend a lot of time gathering all relevant information. Or you have to rely on the advice of professional analysts.

However, you must remember, that a statement given by a trusted specialist can affect the market by itself. He or she may tell hundreds of stockholders they had better sell their papers because their price is going to sink. Many may heed this. The price therefore may fall even more rapidly.

Others may feel buying shares at such low cost will be a good deal. They will argue prices will likely rise again and they could make good money by selling their papers afterwards for more than what they have paid.

I must admit, the stock market is very complex. It requires a good understanding of the mechanisms of this market. On the other hand much depends on the results of the respective companies. A main product that does not sell well will cause people to distrust a paper given out.

Trusting some specialist may be helpful. Yet what they say may also be affected by self-interest. They are stockholders themselves and also want to make good money.

St. Paul said: “If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, …, but have not love, I am nothing.” (1 Corinthians 13:2 NIV). This verse gives me the feeling that prophecy has much to do with knowledge and understanding. In both fields mentioned above careful analysis is required to be able to give any reliable prognoses.

Now admittedly, the bible is not first of all concerned with the weather or the stock market. It is about people and their relationship with God.

To fathom how people feel and how they are likely to react at times is not easy. You may have to rely on experience and accepted rules. It may help to listen to and consider carefully what others say.

As for the relationship between people and God you also need to know something about Him. You need to have an idea of what He requires of men. You must have a good working knowledge of God’s “likes and dislikes”.

Christians believe that God has revealed himself in the bible and through Jesus Christ. This is the way how we can learn about God.

Perhaps you are a believer and you are trying to give somebody else a clue as to how God would feel about things this person is doing or neglecting. You may take some effort in telling him or her.

Very often you cannot know if another would readily listen to and heed what you are trying to point out. Of course much will depend on the way you are going about things. Do you respect and appreciate this person? Are you angry with him or her, or are you motivated by loving concern? What you say without love may be of no avail.

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