Suicide of Religious Extremists


In the last twenty odd years we often have heard from suicide that was motivated by religion. Young men have been aroused to fight for their understanding of the Moslem faith irrespective of their own lives. Many of them used to go to places where many people stayed carrying a bomb in their pocket. As they didn’t care about their own lives they could detonate the bomb in a way as to kill many others.

Detonating a bomb by remote control requires more sophisticated equipment. Also by chance the bomb might be discovered prematurely.

The suicide bomber would hide his weapon and wait for the right moment to detonate it to maximum effect. Afterwards the police would not be able to take any measures against them as they themselves would not be among the living any more.

A suicide bomber would never be in danger of telling any secret information to the police while being interrogated after the attack had been launched. Nobody can ask questions and gain answers from a dead person.

Holy war has been one of the five pillars of Islam. Moreover it was held that a soldier who would die in a war defending the faith would go straight to heaven after that.

Moslem terrorists have been taking this teaching as backing to their activities. They kind of expanded the idea saying that one killed by a bomb detonated by himself could go straight to heaven as well.

In order to go to heaven in holy war there was no need of violence or military activity on the part of an enemy any more. They used to detonate their bombs even among peaceful people. Still according to extremist teaching they might expect great religious gain in answer to having laid down their lives.

Probably Moslem terrorists would not really care about what the bible says concerning their beliefs. Yet here is a clear word from the apostle Paul refuting the idea that a suicide bomber might be rewarded by God: “…and though I give my body to be burned and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.” (1 Corinthians 13:3b/KJV). Please also consider the following statement: “Love worketh no ill to his neighbour.” (Romans 13:8/KJV).


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