Is this Animal Particularly Patient?

2 Vögel und Wilhelma Stuttgart 13.04.15 229T

(My photographs on this blogpost show animals of the Stuttgart zoo: Wilhelma Stuttgart.)

This animal can spend considerable time with ist nostrils covered with  water without running short of air. Perhaps this speaks of endurance.

As children we were using our fingers to make sure our noses were closed. Then we went under water. We were counting in order to find out who could stay there longest.

If we were to compete with the hippopothamus on the photograph, it would invariably beat us. I was told it could spend half an hour below.

As we keep calm we do not need much oxygen. Thus we can stay where we cannot breathe for a couple of seconds or even minutes longer than otherwise.

During the day a hippopothamus likes to rest in water or perhaps on a sandbank. Thus it does not use up much energy or oxygen.

How about comparing the ability to stay under water with patience? Certainly patience has somtheing to do with abstaining from certain punitive actions. A parent saying his or her patience was coming to an end soon, indicates that the child might expect some decisive action to end some undesired behaviour.

In that sense patience requires some self-discipline similar to staying with head and nose under water. You do not do certain things and you focus your strength on keeping calm.

Some individuals are very active personalities. They may feel challenged thinking about patience.

As for the animal on the photographs on this post I wonder if it really cares much about what is going on in ist environment. Of Course it is desirable that this animal should not feel upset about so many people coming and gazing.

However I wonder if withdrawing and resting somewhere is really that good as an example for patience. Being careless is not really the same as being patient.

If a parent or teacher should give up concluding this child would never learn certain things required of him, I would not refer to that as patience. Patience rather is keeping calm while you entertain certain desired expectations.

Here are some photographs of a young animal resting in the sand. Probably it did not even take notice of me.

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