Veritable Kindness

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How do you feel, when you have some real problem and you really got stuck. Quite possibly you are particularly sensitive as to comments or remarks of others.

Mischief finds its subtle ways to suddenly hit upon us. Unfortunately often it does when we are least prepared. When we are really rushing and hurrying to get something done or to reach some destination suddenly some unexpected problem or obstacle may arise. Somehow the computer does not run as it usually does or we get stuck in a traffic jam.

Imagine you have spent a lot of time doing some job and suddenly something happens or you make a mistake that considerably reduces the value of your work. You will feel somewhat uneasy to say the least.

Now what should others say to you or what should they do in that situation so that you will consider them kind? If somebody expresses sympathy and says he or she can feel with you, you will be encouraged. Or perhaps somebody has a really good idea how to get the problem fixed and is helping you free of charge.

Of course the working world has become rather sophisticated these days. Others will not always fully appreciate or think of all the requirements of the work we have to do. Some well meaning support may be short of certain standards that we have to cling to in our job.

Most recently I was driving a car and heading towards a city when I suddenly had to stop. All the cars in front of me had done so and were moving on only occasionally and very slowly. The problem was some street repairs. Cars from three lanes were channelled into just one lane.

As far as I can see I was on the lane with the greatest number of cars. Actually I was hoping for some policeman or some worker to stop the cars from the less frequented lanes for a few minutes to give us a chance to move on. We had to wait longest while those from left lane could suddenly arrive and nearly immediately channel into the middle lane.

There was no policeman. But do you know what I would have thought about an officer providing us from the right lane a longed for opportunity to move on faster? Probably I would have said to myself he is a good fellow and he is kind. What he is doing is quite useful to me.

At times I am distributing letters, magazines and smaller catalogues by bike. Occasionally a bike was falling to the ground. Some people were offering to help me lifting up the bike again as these bikes supported by electric motors are heavy. This was kind of them. Yet usually I reclined their support as my greatest concern was I had to keep the letters in the right order for distribution. So I carefully picked up the letters from the ground and put them back into the boxes. Only then I lifted the bike and put the boxes back on top of it.

Being kind is being well meaning and supportive. Can you say or do anything that is helpful to somebody else? This is showing kindness.

One meaning of the Greek word translated ‘kind’ in 1 Corinthians 13:4 is showing oneself useful to another. Is what you say or do of any use to an individual you are facing? If it is you are certainly being kind to this person.



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