Kindness Practically Applied


My beautiful picture

Quite some years have gone by since I took this photograph of a school room.


Do you have any memories of your school days? I wonder if you would refer to any of your teachers as having been ‘kind’. Perhaps you would give some of them quite different attributes. Would you?

I feel writing about kindness is not that easy. Rather than indulging in theoretical concepts, today I am looking for some practical application of what ‘being kind’ might imply.

I am going to refer to teaching today. Many of us will never formally become teachers. Yet in everyday life we still are likely to face situations where we have to instruct others concerning certain tasks. Or maybe just think of the challenge to help a stranger find his way in your city…

Last week I mentioned an aspect of the Greek word translated ‘kind’ in 1 Corinthians 13:4 as given in Strong’s Dictionary. ‘Chresteuomai’ can take the meaning of showing oneself useful to another. I found this somewhat inspiring.

Is somebody else going to have any benefit from the way you address yourself to him or to her? Is what you are saying to him making him feel happy or content?

It is quite possible that you have fond memories of those of your teachers who did help you learn things that you greatly value today. At the time they instructed you, you may have found them pretty demanding. But now you can see the benefit of it all.

A kind teacher would take great care that his students or trainees should come to master that which is required of them. Teaching also implies tracing the difficulties and problems learners are facing.

Perhaps some of them did not fully grasp a lesson previously taught and now they got stuck. Or they still need some support as to some underlying skill.

(As I refer to teaching I do not only think of the passing on of knowledge. Children need to develop certain motor skills. Even adults at times need to acquire new practical skills.)

Admittedly school curricula at times are very demanding. Teachers need to rush to cover all the subjects they are supposed to teach. They cannot always find the time to find out why some of their students fail.

Yet a kind teacher will feel with his pupils and trainees. He or she will try to give maximum support.

I am trying to illustrate Christian love. Love as described in the bible would seek to be really helpful to those seeking to learn.

A kind person will not judge quickly. He or she will not quickly give up upon somebody else.

“Love is patient; love is kind”. A loving person will seek to speak and to act in such a way as to be helpful to another.


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