“Puffed up”

Juli 2014 173

“Love… is not proud.”(1 Corinthians 13:4/NIV). “Love… is not puffed up.” (KJV).

The rendering of the King James Version gives us a good idea of the root meaning of the Greek word used here. ‘Phusioo’ is derived from a word that primarily has to do with blowing. It can take the meaning of ‘to inflate’ or ‘make proud’.

Think of a balloon that is being inflated. Before that activity you can store the balloon easily just somewhere. It is pretty safe in the place where you keep it. Yet as soon as air is being pressed into it, it becomes more sizable.

I want to share another observation. The balloon having been filled with air can be carried away more easily. Any strong wind can move it.

Whenever we think too highly about ourselves we tend to focus on our self image. This may mean we do not use this energy for other things.

An inflated balloon can be carried away more easily. I am afraid, as we nourish proud feelings, we may also become more susceptible to others (other forces) trying to influence us. As we dirct our thoughts towards our own greatness we may fail to watch out against various dangers and temptations.

“Sorry Mr. Thief, I cannot take the time to care about you, I am busy looking at myself in the mirror!”

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