Memories: The Bible College of Wales II

My beautiful picture

Quite possible you will wonder what this is. This coal sieve was used to separate sizable pieces of coal from coal dust.

Men students in BCW (that is how we commonly referred to our College) had various responsibilities. So taking turns we had to care for two hot water boilers. These were run by coal. We were burning coals on a grid so that ashes could fall down through this grid. At times we had to enhance this process employing a mechanism that was specifically designed for that purpuse.

Ashes wouldn’t burn. Ashes tended to quench a fire.

Tiny pieces of coal were burnable, but they would invariably fall through the grid together with the ashes. For this purpose coal dust was separated from larger pieces on the above coal sieve.

Unfortunately I did not take any photographs of our hot water boilers. This would have required a flash light which I did not carry with me. By the way these were the days before digital cameras with integrated flashes were widely and cheaply available. I am not sure if they then were already invented.

(All my pictures from those days have been digitalised only later. These images now have the pixel of the digitalising device.  I am not altogether happy with the quality of these images now, yet they are the only ones I have.)

One hot water boiler was in our men’s hostel. Depending on how frequently or thorougly a student cared for a fire the water coming from the hot water taps or in the shower could be boiling hot, cold or something in between.

The second coal boiler we had to care for was in the main building where Mr. Howells and some staff members lived. Also the kitchen was in that building.

I can recall a conversation with some other student about this “fire duty”. It was the week when he was in charge of fires. I made a play on words and said to him: “Now you are really on fire for God!”

Those were the days when initiated by Rheinhard Bonnke large “Fire Conferences” were held. in various places. People attending had a longing for the fire of the Holy Spirit. I was alluding to this concept.

Then also I thought we were to do our daily tasks as unto God. So being on fire duty could be a job being done for God.

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