Relaxed Relationships and Dissensions


When you love somebody and you realise you are loved too this may set you at ease. You may begin saying and doing things that would not even have come to your mind otherwise. You sense, now you may be just yourself.

Whoever enjoys such relationships is fortunate. Very often, however, we take things for granted.

Many of us have experienced other situations too. At times even in harmonious relationships dissensions and conflicts may arise. Or think of various forms of bullying at workplaces.

Ill feelings may arise quite unexpectedly. As you enjoy being yourself you per chance start doing or saying things that are not quite as enjoyable to another.

Naturally we are not always aware of the full bio of another. Otherwise we might more easily sense what feelings our behaviours might trigger off. Anything that reminds people of painful experiences may evoke less than favourable reactions.

Some try to minimise such situations by interacting only with people from similar walks of life. Ethnic groups and professional associations have developed certain codes of conduct. As long as you move among people who share the same concept of good behaviour you can avoid certain conflicts and dissensions.

Of course also various clubs and even churches have their dos and don’ts. Once you are aware of these shared ideas concerning appropriate behaviour you may succeed in empathetically discerning some individual feelings too.

As a matter of fact, various sociological groups may differ considerably as for what they consider to be good manners. What may be tolerable or even acceptable to some may appear somewhat inappropriate to others.

Good manners have something to do with considering the feelings of others. Our feelings are shaped by our environment.



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