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“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26/KJV).

Being a Christian at times requires making certain choices. Occasionally in order to follow Jesus you must have your priorities set.

When Jesus was moving about teaching and doing miracles very many people were going after him. They were hoping to learn something beneficial from him. Others were looking for help in health needs.

Occasionally Jesus has been warning the people that the time would come when he would be apprehended and even killed by the Jewish authorities. Anybody who would profess to be a disciple of Jesus might also get himself into difficulties then.

In the night when Jesus was taken captive, all his disciples fled. One of them was bolder than others. Peter spent his time in the court of the Building, where Jesus was put on trial. There somebody seemed to recognise him as one of Jesus’ disciples. Peter ended up denying that he had known his master.

Being a Christian can be costly at times. You just need to read reports on Christian churches in countries where Christian believers are being persecuted. Any preacher of the gospel of Jesus who gets himself put into prison because of his preaching after that will not be able to properly care for his family.

Some believers spend much time ministering to church groups or evangelising people on the streets. This is time they cannot spend with their loved ones. They are making a choice. They are setting priorities. They want others also to experience the benefits of the Christian faith. They are not satisfied with only seeing their own loved ones believing in Jesus.

Following Jesus may cause you to leave behind certain opportunities of making your own life more comfortable. At times it will mean leaving behind your loved ones in order to serve God.

Obviously a Christian has certain responsibilities towards his family, wife and children. Neglecting these can be sinful.

Yet if you are challenged to do certain things for Christ, this will mean, you cannot spend certain hours or days enjoying fellowship with your loved ones. There may be some personal sacrifice involved, as you set out to follow Jesus.

As you read the New Testament, you may become convinced that what Jesus is able to give to you and your loved ones outweighs by far whatever you might be challenged to leave behind for Christ’s sake. Jesus Christ is a faithful Lord and Saviour. He knows how to give us good things. He can give us that which is valuable even eternally.

I am writing this post to explain the meaning of Paul saying: Love “seeketh not her own”. (1 Corinthians 13:5/KJV). In Luke 14:26 Jesus told us that a disciple of his might have to even “hate… his own life” in order to follow Jesus.

Discipline in pursuing higher goals may require certain sacrifices. Following Jesus is not easy at times. A Christian believer would trust that what Jesus can give him is more valuable than whatever he might leave behind for Christ’s sake. A faithful Christian would learn to pray God’s blessing on his wife and children, even as he spends a certain amount of his free time being involved in Christian ministry.


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