“We care for you…”

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“We care for you! We tell you about needs of yours you have not even been aware of so far. We do everything to persuade and convince you that you cannot do any longer without our new product!”

Every day we are confronted with adverts of all kinds. If you manage not to get them in your post box you are likely to watch some in television or in the internet. It is quite possible you will see some advertisements even as you visit my blog. (Admittedly I have no idea what these might be!)

Sales people might tell you: To produce successful adverts you must appeal to the needs and desires of the people you are trying to reach. – Thus some viewers will begin to imagine themselves possessing that recommended thing. They think how this would facilitate their life. They sense how this might be good fun.

Sometimes promises made by advertisements are not fulfilled for every individual. Recently I bought a cheap printer for my computer. Only later I was told I would have to print something at least once a week. If I should ever miss out the machine might refuse to render its services. This printer was inexpensive but it did not really suit my needs.

In Germany we have a well known slogan commenting on advertisements: “We are only looking for your best! We only want your money!” – Sales people will try to make you feel, they are very caring. Yet in the final analysis they are only doing their job, and they try to make money with it.


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