Growing in Understanding

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“Something is going wrong here. I just cannot relate to this kind of behavior I am encountering just now. This is so different to all that I am used to.”

 “I do not like this kind of being dealt with.”

“Unexpected and unprepared for obstacles can become a hindrance to my achieving essential goals!”

“This situation is altogether unacceptable to me!”

I guess these are feelings many can relate to. Of course, we do not always consciously name or describe such feelings.

Often we are very quick in reacting. We do not linger on analyzing our circumstances. Rather we focus on the way we act on these.

I can spontaneously think of two possible reactions. You either might get aggressive and angry or you might end up feeling insecure and intimidated.

Some would say that insecurity very often is an aspect of displayed anger. You do not want to show any weaknesses so you burst out ferociously. Or you are not sure what to make of some situation and you immediately register that the people involved are somewhat below your standards.

All this could be a psychological description of anger. You feel provoked. You feel intensely irritated.

In 1 Corinthians 13:5 St. Paul says that love “is not easily provoked”. As soon as you give way to ill-feeling you are not focussing on love anymore. Annoyance is not an aspect of love.

My headline for today’s post has been “Growing in Understanding”. Rather than dwelling on our negative feelings we might consider such situations as a challenge to grow.

We might think about how things look from the other’s point of view. How would I react, if I were in exactly the same situation as the other persons involved are? This might be a key to better cope.

My second suggestion is more of a spiritual nature. I might ask what would God have me learn from this situation. What does the bible say about similar circumstances?

Of course, a Christian might always think of Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”– Keeping this in mind you might burst out saying: Hallelujah, God would have a wonderful way for me to grow even in such unpleasant situations!


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