Feelings and Facts

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“…even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” (Hebrews 6:14b/KJV).

Suppose somebody has said or done something to you and you (tend to) feel hurt. Yet it requires some discernment to understand what really has happened.

  • What was it that your counterpart said or did? What was it to him? What was it to you? Perchance cultural differences may be involved. Also in different parts of a society people have various concepts of what they consider good manners.
  • If you know what somebody did to you, you still may be unaware of his real intentions. Can you in spite of your feelings try to fathom what these words or acts were to the other? Why did he or she behave in that way?
  • Perhaps the reason why you feel hurt is within yourself. Suppose you have experienced some real trouble or turmoil earlier. Anything that reminds you of this tends to shake you.
  • It is not easy to be objective when you feel hurt.

Discerning good and evil requires some understanding of the issue as such. For example, the Ten Commandments could be a basis for some good ethical concepts.

Studying the bible may help you to discern good and evil. There is some ethical teaching in many stories and in other texts. You must have some real respect for ethical standards in order to appropriately apply them to new circumstances.

As you learn to assess your own behaviour you may be better equipped to understand what others do. As you are prepared to consider your own flaws you may become more compassionate with others.

If you take the Ten Commandments as a guideline, you may want to confess your sins to God and to ask his forgiveness. This will bring you to the realisation that God would be prepared to forgive others too.


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