My Bibletext-Photographs on 1 Corinthians 13:3+5


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Somewhere along the way I have started using feature images to indicate what part of these verses I have been writing about. I thought you might benefit from looking at these pictures again. This may help you recall some of your thoughts about verses 4 and 5. Or, perhaps, looking at these verses will give you some new inspiration.

The first image of the post is a slide-show. It will start automatically as you visit my site. I am not sure how to get it started when looking at the e-mail. Perhaps you will have to click on the photograph.

For the sake of all who would like to spend more time with each picture, in the following I will give you a list of all the photographs one by one. Perhaps this can help you spend some time in quiet meditation and in prayer about these verses.


2 Vögel und Wilhelma Stuttgart 13.04.15 229T

This picture shows an animal of the Stuttgart zoo: Wilhelma Stuttgart. They permit publishing of their animals on private websites without asking – yet they want the zoo to be mentioned.

IMG_2001hellerTT2Enten u. Tauben 21.04.15 099T2 Vögel und Wilhelma Stuttgart 13.04.15 242T2IMG_2754TJuli 2014 046TPAllgäu-Weite 2012 046MOPTEnten u. Tauben 21.04.15 095TTT2



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