Faith in God and Trusting People

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Recently on this blog I have been majoring on faith in God. Perhaps some of you have tended to feel disappointed about that. Yet it is by believing in God that a Christian receives strength to love others.

The Greek word for love used in 1 Corinthians 13 denotes a kind of love that is not necessarily reciprocal. That means you love while others do not or cannot respond with similar acts of love.

The King James Version here does not use the word love but rather speaks of ‘charity’. In present day usage ‘charity’ refers to people or institutions that try to help those who are in great need. Such people will likely appreciate the support they receive. Yet at least for the time being, they probably will not be able to respond as a rich friend might do. A starving person will be most happy receiving some food. Yet he or she will not be able to re-invite you for a decent dinner on his or her part.

This kind of love at least at times tends to be exhausting. In order to gain strength you might depend on love you have received from somewhere else. A Christian will benefit from focussing on God’s love.

For the above reason so far I have been dealing with believing in God, as I have been expounding the words: Charity “believeth all things”. Yet as the Amplified Version and the Classic Amplified Version show, this part of verse 7 also might refer to a trusting attitude towards other people.

The Amplified Bible has: “…believes all things [looking for the best in each one]…”

The Classic Edition of the Amplified Bible has: “…is ever ready to believe the best of every person…”

As you love other people you do not want to exclusively dwell on some unpleasant aspects of their personalities. Rather you will watch out for any traces of goodness.

In dealing with children you will not overly focus on nasty behaviour. Rather you will think about what good things you might be able to teach them.

Negative prognoses about other people can devastate. A loving person will seek to understand. A loving person will confidently seek to help the other reach his or her best.

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