The Strength of a Loving Heart

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Love “endureth all things.” (1 Corinthians 13:7d/KJV)

Is that true? Is there a correlation between a loving disposition and the ability to cope with difficult situations? Paul seems to believe there is.

In three recent posts I have been dealing with bible verses where Jesus speaks of some real problems that might arise. Can a loving heart help in such situations? And how can we know? What is the human experience?

 Admittedly, I am not a psychologist and I never had the opportunity to systematically interview individuals who have gone through some rather tough times in their lives.

Somehow I recall, many years ago I read a book. Somebody had been a soldier during the war and after that had been a prisoner of war.

How did such people manage to survive? Some might tell us, they always thought of their loved ones and they had a desire to be reunited one day.

Or think of individuals who have been critically ill. There might be some who always remembered their little children and how much they needed their father or mother. For some a sense of responsibility and love for these little ones would have kindled their will to survive.

Can you imagine somebody who has completed some difficult task, who has really accomplished something? What if such a person should tell you: I often thought of my children. Wouldn’t it encourage and strengthen them if I succeed? Wouldn’t they be proud of me?

I guess you might think of other situations also where a loving disposition could be a powerful motive and incentive to stick through. If you like to do so, please feel free, to share your thoughts in the comments!

My feature image for the last part of 1 Corinthains 13:7 shows animals of the zoo “Wilhelma Stuttgart”. Presumably not all of us would that happily endure little monkeys enjoying theselves on their backs or shoulders.

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